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I filled-up a sheet with some questions like what I want to have in the future, my financial status, basic information like my name and age.

Puli served as a transcendental leader among his followers–a bridge of man to God. He used to listen to the sermons of some known priests in Intramuros and inside the hospicio, thus, developing his knowledge in Theology.

From there, Puli honed his strong urge to amend the meaning of Catholic faith against the misconduct of the Spanish Friars.

Puli was flogged in a public plaza in front of Casa Comunidad de Tayabas, which the Tayabas Historical Committee preserves at present.

This was his death bed, where he was placed under the scorching heat of the sun for long hours.

Afterwards, Hermano Puli returned in Lucban to continue the Cofradia de San Jose.

He fostered the following goals: (1) Meaningful change and social justice; (2) the right of the Filipinos for religious freedom; (3) To have in Camarines, Bicol.

I asked what would I get after I pay the premium she said that the Policy Certificate will be mailed to my home address. Paying thru credit card is made easy both on the merchant and the consumer, and it made merchants to charge real time.

And also, since I used to be a Phil Am agent when my client paid 50% of the premium the office will prepare the papers and when fully-paid I will personally give the policy to my client.

He wanted his people to practice religious freedom without their intervention.

Since the Cofradia was a church organization, Puli was called as or Hermano Puli.

Well, here it goes, you would save up some money worth 15,715 pesos good for the whole year and you would give out the same amount for 10 years.