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The fancy cravat made its way to England after Charles II reclaimed the throne in 1660.

The neck tie is also depicted in Trajan’s column in Rome, Italy.

Emperor Trajan ruled the Roman Empire from 98 to 117AD.

Lucky for all the soldiers involved, his advisers convinced him instead to have life sized replicas of his troops made to be used as his protectors throughout eternity.

Apart from its decorative purpose, the necktie was more practical than these stiff collars and could protect the soldiers’ shirts and buttons.

In 1815, the French Emperor, Napolean Bonaparte who typically wore black, wore a white cravat during the battle of Waterloo to honor the Duke of Wellington who favored that color during battle.

It was also around that time that people began to refer to a cravat as a “tie” for the first time, of course referring to the fact that the cravats were tied around the neck.

Again, as was the case with the Chinese, there is no record of other Roman soldiers wearing neckties at this time.

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