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In so doing,it was equally inevitable that the top opened even more,opened so much in fact that two brown oreole crescents came into view,peeking out at me.

- being widowed, I knew someone just enquiring can be helpful in itself - and that was all it was. So as she opened the door for me, I was surprised to see her with what I'd call, just a smock gown of sorts.

"You're not that big there at the moment" - "It looks pretty big from where I'm looking from" - She made the obvious look down her front at her lump.

- "Just come and stand close and see what I can see" - Not giving it a thought, I moved really close and sideways on looking half over her shoulder and down towards her lump. This smock thing had just a sash at its middle and I suppose that with her illustrating motions the top had caught up making her tit area hang even more loosely,thus as I stood looking down, I had before me the full round globes of her breasts,with her now rather large nipples hard surrounded by her dark brown crinkled up oreoles.

Unlike other current hubbies,he left her to track her pregnancy by herself while he done - 'following more manly persuits' as he called it.