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*In January 1982, NBC aired three specials of repeats from previous shows billed as The Best of SCTV.

The two last shows in the cycle also feature an SCTV Classics segment of repeats to end the show.

Sets were changed as well - Guy now has a large wood-paneled office.

It is a superb set of shows, featuring among the finest wraparound concept episodes in CCCP1, Zontar, The Godfather, and the Staff Christmas Party.

There are many facial dimensions affecting perceptions of attractiveness that remain unexplored in neuroimaging, and we conclude by suggesting that future studies combining parametric manipulation of face images, brain imaging, hormone assays and genetic polymorphisms in receptor sensitivity are needed to understand the neural and hormonal mechanisms underlying reproductive drives.

Series 4 Cycle 2 Director: John Blanchard, John Bell (2nd unit) Head Writers: Dave Thomas Writers: Dick Blasucci, Paul Flaherty, Mike Short, Bob Dolman, John Mc Andrew, Mert Rich, Doug Steckler, Jeffrey Barron Producers: Andrew Alexander, Barry Sand, Patrick Whitley 1 (88) CCCP 1 2 (89) You!

We therefore review the importance of faces to the study of neurobiological control of human reproductive motivations.

For heterosexual individuals there is a common brain circuit involving the nucleus accumbens, the medial prefrontal, dorsal anterior cingulate and the orbitofrontal cortices that is activated more by attractive than unattractive faces, particularly for faces of the opposite sex.

“We will now have to wait and see, whether it will be love at second sight,” Marianne Holtkoetter, the zoo's curator for great apes said in the statement.

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“The signs are positive,” the zoo said after Sinta and Conny appeared to take a liking to a male named Gempa living 350 miles away in Belgium.