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Who is mia farrow dating

“With her family she’s tried to achieve a Norman Rockwell experience, with her kids around her all the time.

In 1968, Farrow’s career took off when she was asked to play the lead in the Roman Polanski horror film Rosemary’s Baby.

It marked the end of her marriage to Sinatra — he served her divorce papers on the set.

Gaby Wood, the head of books at The Telegraph, who interviewed Farrow seven years ago, says: “I spoke to Polanski about her and he said that he imagined casting someone less frail as Rosemary, but that she turned out to be very tough personally — except when served divorce papers by Sinatra, then she crumbled.” As Farrow’s movie career went from strength to strength — she won praise for her portrayal of Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby in 1974 — she escaped the mêlée in an ashram in India, where she meditated with The Beatles.

On her return, she met André Previn, the German-Austrian pianist, whom she married in 1971.

Despite divorcing in 1968, she says the pair “never really split up”, and Ronan, now 25, may have been fathered by Ol’ Blue Eyes when he was 72.

The bombshell is the latest in the tangled saga of twisted relationships and public controversies that make up Farrow’s life.

In her early teens, Farrow sought work on the stage, where she met Salvador Dali, who became a close friend.

The two could be found eating butterflies in the Terrace Room at the St Regis Hotel in New York.

“Mia’s family is very unusual,” said Audrey Sieger, who tutored Farrow’s children for more than a decade and described her as “warm, loving, sincere.

At any time in these 12 years she has been able to tell me in detail about every one of her kids.

Yet, as her mother once professed, there was nothing fragile about Farrow — nor was there anything conventional.