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In Experience of a Virgin, a loop from the German Sweet Little 16 series (was this released under this title in the US?

And finally, when had about four words to say, she was delighted." "Bunny Bleu will never be confused for an actress," reads the first sentence of Adam Film World's entry on Bunny in each of its last 12 annual porn directories.

That's what I think about when I masturbate - guys jacking off and coming all over me. I dont know how old she was when she started, but in the earliest film that I am aware of, Pussn Boobs (aka Hanky Panky or Hanky Panky Island) she looks to be barely 18, and dresses and acts much younger.

This film was shot in Hawaii in c.1983 and features BB as some sort of Girl Scout, in a particularly alluring little skirt.

Bleu now looks like an anorexic Bette Midler who loves to take facial cumshots. "I look different now because I'm a dyke - just kidding. I just had a birthday and I figured all my stuff is not going to stay where it is now for the rest of my life. Nikki Charm, who will be the subject of a future post, was the undisputed champ.

"Especially when the guy straddles over you and jerks it off. " "The business has changed since my first time around. Bunny tied for second with Stacy Donovan, edging out Ginger Lynn and one or two European beauties whose names I still dont know. She did the Little Girl Thing almost as well as Nikki and always smiled as she got splattered.

Height: 5 ft 3 in (1.60 m) Eye color: Blue Hair color: Red Skin color: White Ethnicity: Jewish Porn Star Bunny Bleu is a vivacious blonde nymphet, who, even well into her twenties was cast as a teenager due to her virginal good looks and clean-cut wholesome qualities.

Also using the names Kimberly Warner, Kim Warner and Jerrii Sinclaire, Bunny Bleu performed in over 150 videos between 19.

He then leads you away from the swing set where he begins to fuck you until he blows his load on your tongue. Mike Hey Bunny, I just wanted to let you know how big of a fan I am of you. I have even made girlfriends watch your videos for pointers on fellatio. speechless to tell you the truth, so now you can see why I get them to watch you do it. She said, "She make Form Luke is Back: Bunny Bleu played teenagers for almost a decade.