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Icam chats

The battery can be charged at very low temperatures, which is not found in such cells. Battery life is 3000 recharging cycles and after this its capacity will drop by only 20%.

The fastest city monitoring This compact device is ready for immediate installation without the need for additional software or other devices.

This will ensure immediate increase of security in the monitored areas.

With this solution it is possible to provide a sense of security of all inhabitants of the municipality.

For this purpose, please contact the technical department for the selection and compatibility confirmation.

Easy viewing and archiving imagei CAM-Mobile HD is equipped with:• Wireless link for fast download of stored materials, eg.

The camera has a built-in rechargeable battery providing power for 12 hours.

Mounted on a lighting pole, for example, during night hours will be powered from the power of lighting, and will recharge its battery.

i CAM can be used with such monitoring management systems as: ....