Start Bruises from dating violence

Bruises from dating violence

In private, abusers openly and purposely show lack of respect for their intimate partner's desires and needs.

If you live in fear of your partner, feel that nothing you do satisfies him or measures up, have thoughts of suicide, or have been cut off from friends and family, you need to reach out for help.

Even behaviors that seem small can lead to more serious violence, like physical assault and rape.

Abusers often use physical violence, threats, emotional abuse, harassment, or stalking to control their boyfriend's or girlfriend's behavior. When you interact with a romantic partner, friend, or your child, make sure to show respect and appreciation for that person.

If your child grows up seeing what healthy relationships look like, he or she may be less likely to abuse a dating partner, or to stay in an abusive relationship.

Learning to recognize the signs of domestic violence represents the first step toward getting help for yourself or someone you know.

This represents just one scenario in a multitude of ways abusers exert tremendous control over their victims.

Lack of Respect – Abusers often belittle or nullify the opinions of their victims.

Verbal cruelty – perpetrator verbally abuses and berates his or her intimate partner.