Start Moms dating a vampire

Moms dating a vampire

There are few prosthetics involved in his transformation. "I have my own personal custom-made fangs: three sets, two long and one medium. They fit right over my own teeth like a bridge." "The downside,'' he chuckles, "is that the vampire gets an affected lisp. It's a good thing it's a comedy.'' Shaughnessy uses his own voice - except for the lisp.

It's odd." The British actor says the troupe has also had to "contend with some very strange weather.

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Sheffield was always British, but they originally saw him as a Cameron Mackintosh whose big rival was Andrew Lloyd Webber.

They wanted him to be very classy to counterpoint Fran.'' As much as Shaughnessy would like to do "a straight, dramatic feature,'' he says doing Vampire is "a hoot. It sounds like a kind of teeth-cleaning potato chip.'' He keeps vampire hours: goes to bed at 7 a.m., sleeps until 2 p.m.

They have two daughters, Jenny, 10, and Madelyn, 5.

In Los Angeles, he was an exotic, doing theatre (such as it was in Tinseltown) but subsisting on soaps.

We all knew that Rowan was pretty darn special - and I knew that I didn't want to be a lawyer." "I spent a year banging around, working in a film company doing odd jobs, and then I went to drama school.'' Which ultimately precipitated his move to America.