Start Become more intimidating

Become more intimidating

But early organizers knew that some adults would want to compete, so it is offered.

Regardless of your fitness level, it can take months to get into good swimming shape.

And don’t be shy—ask for help; most Masters swimmers and coaches are happy to welcome new members.

Although it’s important to have a physical examination before starting any exercise routine, you don’t need to be in shape to start Masters swimming—Masters swimming will help you get there.

Swimming is different than running, cycling, and other endurance activities.

The majority of locations offering Masters Swimming programs have coaches on deck.

Coaches write workouts and provide feedback and instruction. When organized adult swimming started to become popular in the 1960s and 70s—the early years of USMS—the intent was that adults would swim to stay in shape.

Certified ALTS instructors have been specially trained in the techniques and methods that work best with adult beginner-swimmers.