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An innovator company enjoys a period of “data exclusivity” during which their pre-clinical and clinical trials data may not be referenced in the regulatory filings of another company(typically a generic company) for the same drug substance.

This period starts on the day of the first marketing authorisation in the European Community (including Liechtenstein/Switzerland), and expires either six or ten years thereafter, depending on the country in which the application is to be filed and the procedure used to file it.

It's heartening to see that in its highly critical report on Baltimore's police department, the U. Department of Justice excoriated the police for ignoring sexual assault complaints by minority women, including sex workers and transgender women.

Research shows that sex work is not inherently violent.

For marketing authorisation applications made before November 2005, the period of data exclusivity varies from EU member state to EU member state, and is either 6 years or 10 years.

For marketing authorisation applications made from November 2005 onwards, there is an additional period of 2 years of “market exclusivity“.

This is the period of time during which a generic company may not market an equivalent generic version of the originator’s pharmaceutical product (although their application for authorisation may be processed during this period, such that they are in a position to market their product on the expiry of this additional 2 year period).

An application for approval of a New Chemical Entity must contain data to allow assessment of the safety and efficacy profile.

Indoor sex workers, for instance, are much less likely than streetwalkers to encounter violence.