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In this document we will use the sample data provided by installing the Easysoft ODBC-ISAM Driver on the target machine, and the Easysoft ODBC-ODBC Bridge Client on the local Windows machine.

deze dierenartspraktijk levert algemene gezondheidszorg en onderzoek, chirurgische ingrepen, tandheelkunde en ziektepreventie.

je kan er ook terecht voor kwaliteitsvolle dierenvoeding en verzorgingsproducten.dierenpension melishoeve, tussen meliskerke en grijpskerke, verzorgt opvang voor honden en katten.

For - Location map and driving directions to Witney For - Accommodation in and around Witney For - Events in and around Witney For - Activities in and around Witney For - Places to Eat in and around Witney For - Coach Parking / Public Conveniences / Visitor Information Witney Blanket Hall was built in 1721 by the Company of Blanket Makers.

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The Easysoft software needed to recreate the following examples can be downloaded from the Easysoft web site.

The complete program source for this section can be found in CSharp ODBCExample1The sample program did not contain provision for dealing with errors.

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Though his career in the White House ended abruptly after a series of questionable associations came to light, one of the more surprising aspects of Jones’ life might be his long-time marriage to a white woman named Jana Carter.

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de totale omgeving wordt betrokken bij het welzijn van uw huisdier.