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Who is camille winbush dating

After surviving the plane crash in the Season 8 finale, he begins Season 9 recovering from his injured hand.

They try to resolve it, but it eventually leads to their divorce.

They do not end the relationship until season 9, episode 24, when she decides to let him go.

He invites a former colleague, Teddy Altman, to work alongside him, a decision which causes some friction between himself and Cristina. After Webber resigns, he is given the position of Chief of Surgery.

He and Cristina experience marital problems after his affair with a woman at a bar.

She has gone through a divorce, which led her to turn down a fellowship in pediatric surgery.

In Season 8, she is dating an anesthesiologist, Ben Warren, who proposes to her and she accepts.

An attending general surgeon at Seattle Grace hospital, Miranda Bailey initially gives a cold, domineering impression, earning her the nickname "The Nazi".

However, her attitude has since softened, and she has developed a maternal demeanor towards the residents in the hospital.

Authority figure and former Chief of Surgery at Seattle Grace, Richard has had a difficult past, characterized by affairs and alcoholism. Altman takes over the job of Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital in Season 6. Although a skilled surgeon, her teaching methods might appear somewhat unorthodox.

His relationship with Meredith Grey is at times volatile because he had an affair with her mother, Ellis Grey. Her arrival at Seattle Grace, followed by her confession of love to Owen, has caused some friction between Owen and his girlfriend, Cristina Yang. Altman in the OR with two nurses and an anesthesiologist.

As Chief of Neurosurgery, Derek Shepherd earns the nickname "Mc Dreamy" by the female staff of Seattle Grace.

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