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Together with radiocarbon dates, this indicates the presence of trade metals on Iroquoian sites in the early to mid sixteenth century, well in advance of a European presence in the region.

The small sample analysed suggests that red brass appears earlier than yellow brass, and trade metals may be found at sites in the Lake Ontario drainage before they are found in the southern Georgian Bay area.

The OIPRD found several problems with the two arresting officers' actions, according to an Oct. The OIPRD said it wanted to know how Pervais could be legally detained for trespassing when he wasn't in the Robin's shop at the time of his arrest, according to the letter. The server told the 911 dispatcher that the man made a "gesture" as if he were about to throw a bag at her, then walked out of the doughnut shop, according to Thunder Bay police's investigative report. Pervais was put into Ogima's cruiser and taken to Robin's Donuts where the server said police had the wrong guy. Pervais said the officers left him alone to wait for an ambulance, but Ogima claims he stayed with him until paramedics arrived. He once spent 27 days in solitary confinement on suicide watch waiting for a court appearance, in a cell with the light blazing 24-7.

The police watchdog also questioned why Pervais was arrested when one of the officers knew the Ojibway man did not fit the description of a suspect described by the 911 dispatcher, according to the letter. He was arrested in September 2015 following a confrontation with his father and nephew over his then 15-year-old daughter who skipped school that day. Pervais said Adam Capay, who spent four years in solitary confinement awaiting trial on a murder charge, was a few cells over.

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Let me go or charge me.'" Ontario's police watchdog, the Office of the Independent Police Review Director (OIPRD), has ordered Thunder Bay's acting Police Chief Sylvie Hauth to reinvestigate a complaint filed by Pervais over the incident. He noticed Pervais with the Robin's Donuts coffee cup and began to follow him in the cruiser. Ken Ogima was also in the vicinity and went to the Robin's Donuts shortly after the 911 call. "However, the male's height did appear consistent with the complainant's information and he was holding a Robin's coffee cup." While Ogima was in the Robin's shop speaking with the server, he received a call from Hanchuck that a suspect was being unco-operative.

After an initial internal review, Thunder Bay police dismissed Pervais' complaint alleging the arresting officers used "unlawful or unnecessary" force in his arrest. 21, a server at Robin's Donuts called 911 to report that man in his 50s, who was wearing a ball cap and a jean shirt, grew agitated and started swearing at her after she asked about his daughter. "The male ignored Hanchuck and continued to walk away," said the police report. Hanchuck advised police communications that he was with a suspect who was unco-operative." Hanchuck claimed Pervais swore at him. Ogima went to back up Hanchuck and "arrested the male for trespassing," said the police report. I had a mental breakdown." Pervais said fear gripped him that he was going to be sent back into solitary confinement at the Thunder Bay District Jail.

"Now, I won't even go the Robin's Donuts in that area because I have flashbacks," he said.