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Newborn Hutts, also known as Huttlets, would stay close to their parents for decades, returning to their pouches when they were tired, lonely or scared.

Hutts bore their children one at a time and nourished them within what was known as a brood pouch.

Unusually for a species so far from humanoid, several Hutts have been known to find female humanoids attractive sometimes in a sexual manner, in something similar to art appreciation, as status symbols, or for reasons completely beyond Human understanding.

However, this was not biologically necessary; Jabba the Hutt had his son Rotta removed from the brood pouch when he was, at most, ten years old, so that he could experience the galaxy.

Jiliac's child also proved able to live outside the pouch, requiring his Uncle Jabba to squish and kill it in order to guarantee his rule of the Hutt clan Desilijic.

Once inside, they began to feed on milk and remained there for the next fifty standard years.

Upon emergence, they weighed 70 kilograms and measured a meter from head to tail where they had the intellectual level of a ten-year-old Human.

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As members of their kind grew fatter, these eyes tend to be hidden beneath folds of leathery skin though younger Hutts lacked this feature and thus had slightly more protruding eyes compared to their older kin.

Hutts were physiological anomalies as they possessed traits from many different species.

It is not known if the regeneration of his brain had any effect on his mind or personality.