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Datinglove in norway

Oath's house of media brands makes some of the most-tapped, most-trusted news, sports, finance and entertainment content online.

Chart-topping apps like Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Sports, Tumblr, and Yahoo Mail are as much community as they are utility. All six drivers of brand love apply no matter who you ask, but each generation has a favorite.

Millennials worship innovation, and it’s no surprise their love is most influenced by setting trends.

Learn more Yahoo Gemini delivers native ads that fit right in with editorial content, for a seamless consumer experience on every device.

The latest AR mobile ad units, designed by our RYOT team and powered by Yahoo Gemini, let customers explore products from brands like The Home Depot and Pottery Barn.

How a product works and what it does is more important than feelies, in every industry.

A brand's ability to exceed needs by doing something no other brand does—or doing it better—is the strongest driver of brand love we found.

Bright Roll and ONE by AOL let you reach 1 billion people or just your superfans, across device and app.

Target the age you're after, wherever they are, with messaging they respond to.

The 30 set prioritized trust 31% more than Millennials did.

Talk to each group on their terms to get more brand love from all.

With people spending 5 hours a day on their phones, those needs include mobile.