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This site and notice board are here for the free use of those who have an interest in spanking and being spanked.

Discuss spanking, caning, OTK, corner time, the paddle, the taws, the strap and any other form of punishment or discipline.

Mit der neuen My Mountain Card-Flex können Sie sich den Weg an die Kasse zukünftig sparen, denn der Betrag für Tages- oder Halbtageskarte wird mit ihr flexibel und bequem von der Kreditkarte abgebucht.

Die Olympiabahn, der Gaisbühllift sowie die Ifen- und Auenhütte sind ganztägig geöffnet.

Moore had felt wonderful inside her that morning, but after cumming himself, he had left her unsatisfied.

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Her skin began to warm as the force of his strokes increased, and she moaned softly in pleasure, as his strong hands roamed over her flesh.

His fingers kneaded her muscles from the nape of neck, to just under the top edge of the towel.

People were buying up tickets just to see Hogan "beat the odds" and "run wild".

Truth is, he didn't have to do much other than pose, cup his ear and leg drop someone.

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