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He was still serving in this capacity at the time of his death, …Iain D would have risen to eminence in any profession (and once toyed with the idea of becoming an SNP candidate for the Scottish Parliament), but he chose the Christian ministry, and in that chosen field he became a giant. This report was wrong, and this post will reveal what really happened.

He then pursued theological studies at the Free Church College and the University of London, again graduating with First Class Honours as a Bachelor of Divinity.[4] He studied for a Ph D at the University of Edinburgh and was awarded his doctorate in 2001.

A version of his thesis, on George Adam Smith, was subsequently published in book form.[4] His first pastoral position was at Snizort Free Church on Skye, which he commenced in 1988.

Note that, in spite of his fame in theological circles, he remained as pastor in Lewis.

Campbell attended the Nicolson Institute, a school on Lewis, before studying at the University of Glasgow, where he graduated with First Class Honours in Arts in 1985.

The Free Church continues to be evangelical in character, presenting its understanding of the Christian message, namely that Jesus Christ is sole Lord and Saviour.

It is important to note that IDC was roundly revered by theologians and pastors in America and well as the rest of the world.

In our original post, we printed excerpts from an obituary found in We Love Stornoway (link is no longer active.) A number of obituaries were taken down as more and more evidence of IDC's double life became known. It points out that IDC was adamant about staying with his church in Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis, even though he would have been welcome at seminaries and universities all over the world. I believe this is a clue as we work to unravel this disturbing story.

He could have adorned pulpits in the largest cities in the world,’ writes Dr.

The Free Church was and still is sometimes colloquially known by the term The Wee Frees,[4][5] even though, in 21st century Scotland, it is the largest Presbyterian denomination after the national church.[6] Since this term was originally used in comparing the Free Church with the United Free Church (which is now a much smaller denomination), the Free Church of Scotland now deprecates the use of the term.[7][8] …The church maintains its strong commitment to the Westminster Confession and Reformed Theology. A complete psalter in modern English was published in 2003.

Its offices and theological college remain on The Mound, Edinburgh, although the denomination no longer holds the original Free Church College buildings.

“If you wear a mask for too long, there will come a time when you cannot remove it without removing your face.” ― Matshona Dhliwayo link Point Free Church-Facebook On March 10, 2017, we posted Calvinist Leader Dr Iain Campbell Dies By Suicide Amidst Allegations of Affairs and an Out of Wedlock Child. (Yes, I know it is in other groups as well.) The more I read the accounts of his death, as well as the history of his life, the more I became convinced that Anne was being cruelly targeted and that it was Iain D Campbell (hereafter known as IDC) who was fully to blame for his actions.