Start Polycom 330 updating initial configuration

Polycom 330 updating initial configuration

These are all of the troubleshooting steps which a Switchvox support representative will guide you through if you call in for assistance on Phone Setup.

Troubleshooting Now that we have verified the network or networks which the phone will be communicating through to reach your PBX have all the appropriate ports opened, and we have established that existing phones (if any) are successfully registered we can begin to focus specifically on the phone which we're having trouble with.

Below; This reboot process can take as long as 10 minutes and during the phone's boot process you will see various messages display on the LCD screen, such as “downloading application”, “cannot contact boot server”, etc.

First there are a number of topics and factors which we need to check on and discuss before beginning the core of the troubleshooting process.

Remote Phones – These are phones which are not connected to the same network segment that your PBX is on.

If you are trying to provision your Polycom phone with your Switchvox pbx and you find you encounter one or all of these issues please follow the instructions below:1.

Phone cannot be seen under Unknown Phones section of Phone Setup2.

These message are normal and do not indicate trouble.

When the phone has finished restarting (you will know that the phone has finished when the time and date appear on the LCD screen.

The phone should currently be “Unknown” so all we need to do is check the box for this phone and select the “Confirm Check Phones” button.

If the MAC Address for this phone currently appears in the “Configured Phones” list please refer to the Configured Phones section at the top of this document to return the phone to “Unknown”, then we can confirm the phone to move it to unconfigured.

Before we begin troubleshooting steps dealing with the phone specifically we will need to reset any progress made with the Phone Setup in the Switchvox software.