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A child has a right to a relationship with both its parents.

Hi all, So I have a beautiful SD who's mother is a bit of a nightmare.

She is getting married this year and has a son by her partner.

Because I had sole custody and sole parental rights, (his dad walked out on us before he was born) I had to sign a statutory declaration stating that I was the only legal parent or guardian.

I was told that if his father had shared parental rights or shared custody I would need his dads written consent. If the mother is the only one on the birth certificate then she is most likely the only one with Parental Responsibility (or PR) unless the court has awarded it to the dad too (it can be awarded to guardians if a child is removed and put in their care, but that isn't relevant right now) My DH was not put on the birth certificate by the ex.

She wasn't legally required to, because they weren't married and he can only be added with her permission, which she is refusing.

Because of this, when the ex married and decided that the new husband was DSDs dad, she was able to change DSDs name by deed-poll without DHs permission or knowledge, to her married name.

I changed the spelling of my name by literally writing it different as a teenager. Unfair, confusing and too damn annoying to explain every time you go anywhere or fill on a form. hi hun, My mother changed my last name when she married my step father when i was five, not 100% sure how, all i know is theres no depoll papers for it, an my birth farther isnt on my birth certificate...

When it came to been an adult and mother and using my actual spelling I didn't have a single letter, bank card etc to prove it was my name... I know by experience, I also know how easy it is to hide someone's identity, my sisters was kept from her and it caused more problems then having the "perfect" family unit was worth. I doo however know that, my stepdads last name is on my passport an everything ect...

if her name was originally sarah jane and you wanted to change it to sarah brown you would do it over a naming ceremony (depending on age I don't know) hth as pp said if he has pput his signature on the birth certificate then theres no way she can changethe name without his permission but some school will allow them to go by a diff surname so long as they know their legal name, but everything else she cant change.

Hi, I changed my sons surname a few years back when I got married.

The birth certificate helped lol but then I got funny looks with "other people's" bank cards!! apperently you can say (known as ...) when i had this palavaa a few years back my social worker did say you can change it without legalities unless its for criminal purposes etc, (i.e youve been convicted an doing a runner ect) hope this helps x Sorry I've not read the other posts so may repeat what others said.