Start Army officer dating

Army officer dating

If you hold a security clearance, you should already know that the three biggest killers to keeping that access — and your job — are problems with booze, money or drugs.

Usually that's because they're sending money back to family members.

They may have been doing that openly for years, "but suddenly the standards have changed," Edmunds says.

Meanwhile, even troubled marriages can mean problems for your clearance.

Dating someone from another country has long been problematic for those protecting national secrets, but today getting cozy with someone — anyone — online can pose problems.

Such problems are proliferating with the growth of online dating sites, says Alan Edmunds, an attorney who has specialized in clearing up clearance problems for the past 35 years.

"If you have a clearance and go home tonight and get in a fight with your wife and push her down, and she reports that to the police, you're going to have a problem with your clearance," Edmunds says.

James Rawles, a former Army intelligence officer turned survival expert and end-of-times fiction writer, who now runs the prepper site Survival Blog, says he was shocked to learn that reading his books could put a top-secret clearance in jeopardy.

Among other prepper-oriented books, he had Kindle copies of all three of my novels, and the investigator's report specifically mentioned them as suspect," Rawles wrote in a recent post. Books on explosives have been red flags in clearance investigations in the past.