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A summons may be served or a warrant executed at any place within the Commonwealth.

A warrant shall be executed by the arrest of the defendant. 276, §§ 22 details the procedure to be followed by the arresting officer when the accused is located.

The officer need not have the warrant in his possession at the time of the arrest, but upon request he shall show the warrant to the defendant as soon as possible. Support for the rule that the warrant must be directed to an officer authorized to serve criminal process is found in In re Graves, 236 Mass. In Graves, the court held that a warrant which by express direction would have permitted unqualified persons to execute it was invalid on its face. The ALI Model Code, supra, § 120.4, permits service of the summons by mail. However, if the arrest is based upon a warrant, the accused should be afforded an opportunity to examine it within a reasonable time.

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FINDINGS OF FACT AND TEMPORARY ORDER TO CEASE AND DESIST AND ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE AND NOTICE OF RIGHT TO A HEARING The Division of Banks (“Division”) has determined that Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC (“Ocwen” or “Company”), with its headquarter office located at 1661 Worthington Rd., Suite 100, West Palm Beach, Florida 33409, has engaged in, or is engaging in, residential mortgage loan servicing practices which violate State and Federal laws and fails to meet the requirements for a Massachusetts residential mortgage lender and debt collector.

An arrest warrant issued pursuant to this rule shall be signed by the official issuing it and shall contain the name of the defendant or, if his name is unknown, any name or description by which he can be identified with reasonable certainty. 268, §§§§ 22-23 irrespective of whether the warrant is valid. 10(b) , relating to assessment of costs upon a continuance, expenses which may be assessed under this rule include fees of witnesses then present, extra compensation of police officers, travel costs, and stenographer's attendance fees if one is appointed. This subdivision is but a logical extension of that provision.

The warrant shall recite the substance of the offense charged in the complaint or indictment. However, if execution of the warrant is wilfully delayed by the person to whom it was committed for service, that person is subject to the penalties provided by G. Subdivision (d) This subdivision introduces two new practices. Subdivision (d)(2) provides that if a witness is present in court and the trial cannot proceed because the defendant is absent, the testimony of that witness may be ordered taken and recorded by deposition. The defendant has had notice to appear for trial and has chosen to absent himself.

If the officer does not have the warrant in his possession at the time of the arrest, he shall then inform the defendant that a warrant has issued and of the offense charged, but if the officer does not then know of the offense charged, he shall inform the defendant thereof within a reasonable time after arrest. Subdivision (c)(3) is also borrowed from ALI Model Code of Pre-Arraignment Procedure § 120.3(2) (P. D.1975), and is similar to Rules of Criminal Procedure (U. It is well established in Massachusetts that an officer need not have the warrant authorizing the arrest in his possession when the accused is placed under arrest. Subdivision (c)(4) complies substantially with Rule 225 of the Rules of Criminal Procedure (U.

On or before the return day, the person to whom a summons was delivered for service shall make return thereof to the issuing court. 478, § 192) enumerate those officials who are empowered to issue arrest warrants. 276, §§ 22 , a requirement fulfilled at common law by attaching the complaint or a copy thereof to the warrant. This principle is grounded on the judicial determination that an arrest is valid if based on probable cause even if the warrant upon which the arrest was made is void.

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