Start Tamworth speed dating

Tamworth speed dating

It’s been a pretty ‘mixed bag’ weather wise sun one minute then rain, but always chilly with the ‘lambing snow’ forecast for Monday!!!

Though that didn’t stop them trying to get back in to their previous field until after their first feed Off to the ‘Whistle Stop’ Easter Sunday was a pure peach of a day and we decided to go out for lunch with me Mam.

It was the ‘Whistle Stop Cafe’ in Kinlochewe that we chose, mainly cos it’s an old favourite of ours and the food is great.

A task that would have been much easier with a dumper I’ve been looking for one for a while now and typically, on my last evening before going back to work after a month off, I found one!!!

Of course it was after the last ferry but I phoned up the chap and he turned out to be an acquaintance.

Stopping for a walk with the dugs near a fishing lodge on the Coulin Estate under Benn Eighe.

A new toy As soon as we were back home I started up Calum and got stuck back into the drain/road.

In Tudor times, Atherstone was a thriving commercial centre for weaving and clothmaking.

The town's favourable location laid out as a long ‘ribbon development’ along Watling Street, ensured its growth as a market town.

This stood me in good stead cos he agreed to hang onto it for me until Tuesday.

A 3tonne ‘swivel tip’ Benford with an air cooled Deutz it was just what I needed, a month late but exactly what I was looking for and only a few miles from Sconser A swift trip into Portree had me raiding the ‘piggy bank’ and bumping into an old mate.

Located in the far north of the county, Atherstone forms part of the border with Leicestershire along the A5 national route, and is only 4 miles from Staffordshire.